Suicide Squad:
Kill the Justice League

AAA PC/Console Title



Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was Rocksteady's first venture into online shooter games with in-game monetization. I was brought on due to my previous experience with online titles such as Armored Warfare and at Nexon.

Working closely with the UX/UI team at Rocksteady, I helped expand on and fill out numerous systems and features in the game. This included exploring and prototyping interfaces for skill/talent trees, battlepass and shop screens, and iterating on icon language in various capacities. It also included navigating info and data-heavy interfaces like item inspection, crafting screens, and loadout screens.

Sometimes designs needed visual diagrams so other designers and engineers could parse out use cases. Working with system designers at Unbroken Studios, I was able to highlight not only feature impacts, but also problematic areas that could be solved with slight design tweaks. Overall it was a complex project, but one which I enjoyed collaborating on.

UX flows were created in Illustrator, along with wireframes. UI mockups were created in Illustrator and Photoshop, with interactive prototypes created in Unreal UMG. UI assets were likewise implemented in Unreal UMG.