Whisper Stones

Interactive Installation


  • Platform: Interactive Installation
  • Time Frame: 2009
  • Company: Thesis Project


Whereas Paper Balloons was an entirely virtual, high-tech exploration of Empathetic Play, Whisper Stones was a completely tangible, low-tech exploration of the same idea.

The interactive installation was set up in public parks around Pasadena in late 2009. A large stone set atop a plinth. Participants were instructed to lift the stone and hide a whisper beneath it. This whisper was captured for another participant to release. Once the stone was picked back up, the previous whisper would be released, able to be heard once before dispersing forever.

The same therapeutic actions of release and acknowledgement from strangers created the connection of empathetic play with Paper Balloons.

The final installation was created using newspaper, plaster strips, textured paint, MDF boards, foamcore boards, a MacBook Pro, MAKE controller, NETLab Toolkit, and message playback device along with a pressure sensor.