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Paper Balloons - iPhone App - 2009

Paper Balloons is a design experiment and part of the graduate thesis, Empathetic Play. The world of Paper Balloons is one of quiet fantasy and inward thought, where users have their own floating island in the sky on which to meditate. From time-to-time small, candle-lit, paper balloons will float down onto their island with notes inside from other people on other islands, somewhere out in the sky. These notes can contain writing or drawings about others' worries, hopes, fears, or thoughts on the world and their own lives. Sometimes these notes are funny & uplifting, sometimes they are remorseful & sobering. They are always meant to be introspective.

Paper Balloons has currently won the "Innovation" award at the 2009 iDMAa Conference and is a Finalist in the 2010 SXSW Casual Game Design Competition.

It is available for download on the iTunes Store.


iPhone App, Fall 2009




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